Services for Events

Emergency Medical Supplies, Services & Training (EMSST) takes care of all the event medical cover required with their Paramedics, Nurses, and First Responders.

The range and number of events covered is immense throughout the year.

Once booked, EMSST has never let an events organiser down by not showing up.

At EMSST we are always on the lookout for new staff who love helping others whilst continually learning and updating new skills.

Available Vehicle Support and Staff

We supply licensed radios for full communications onsite.

Our staff will stand out and be noticed in their green uniform with hi-vis coats at your event.

Medical Cover and Events

We attend the following events for Councils, Companies, local organisations, sporting bodies, national and international.

Events include:

Athletics, Boxing, Horse racing, Motorcycle racing, Football, GAA sports, Triathlons, Marathons, Extreme sports, there are many more this is just to provide you an example of our capabilities and resources.

Give EMSST a call to help with your First Aid assessment for your Event

Thanks to yourself and David for the last couple of days, I think it worked really well for something that we haven’t tried before, we didn’t know what way it would go but it worked very well.  Is this the future?

John Watt, Deerpark Engineering

Hi Tom, Thanks for providing medical cover for the club again, the club appreciatets the work your team provide in covering our event, once again thanks

Adam Wilson, Causeway Triathlon