To provide you with a sound knowledge of the issues involved in moving people in Emergency Evacuation procedures.  To introduce and professionally use the necessary equipment and to move a person safely and efficiently with the least possible risk to the person and mover/s.


  • Basic understanding of manual handling and general evacuation procedures
  • Have practiced a safe method of lifting and moving clients using the necessary equipment
  • Good practice in moving and handling
  • Risk Assess
  • Balance Position
  • Transfer Position
  • Wheelchair Position
  • Escape Position
  • Evac + Chair – To operate
  • Evac Chair Use
  • Landings
  • Evac + Chair – Do not
  • Evac + Chair – Do
  • Practical Assessment

DURATION OF THE COURSE:   Taught over 2 Hours

CERTIFICATION:  3-years certificate of competency following successful assessment

PRE REQUISITE:  Minimum of 10 persons

TRAINERS:  Fully qualified and accredited

Future Quals Training Centre – AC326

Highfield Training Centre – 15798

Registered as an approved Training Provider