To ensure candidates are competent with all skills and knowledge in Emergency First Aid for Sport.

This course is particularly suited to anyone who would like to gain a basic knowledge in First Aid.  The course highlights various scenarios in sport.  Each candidate will receive a course manual, A4 Certificate and a Keyring Resuscitation Face Shield.


  • Prevention of Injury
  • How to assess an emergency incident
  • How to carry out basic life support
  • How to care for the unconscious casualty
  • Treatment of airway disorders
  • How to control all bleeding
  • Recognition and treatment of fractures
  • Recognition and treatment of soft tissue injuries (R.I.C.E.)
  • Knowledge of the contents of a first aid kit and it’s uses
  • How to immobilise using splinting techniques
  • How to move a casualty with appropriate equipment
  • How to recognise and treat shock
  • How to treat bites and stings
  • Contents and uses of the sports first aid kit
  • Reporting and recording of accidents/incidents
  • Infection Control

Future Quals Training Centre – AC326

Highfield Training Centre – 15798

Registered as an approved Training Provider

Approved by Training and Employment Agency