Biohazard Clean-up System




Body Fluid and Sharps Clean-up packs contain everything required for containment and disposal in individual boxed applications.

1 Accident Book
1 Sign ‘Biohazard System Guidance’
1 Biohazard Body Fluid Clean-up Kit:
2 Body Fluid Clean-up Applications
12 Gloves, Pairs
Single Body Fluid Application, contains:
1 Absorbent Granules 10g
1 Apron, Polythene
1 Gloves, Pair
1 Sanitizer Spray 8ml
1 Scoop Scraper
1 Tissues, Pack 10
1 Waste Bag
1 Wipe, Cleansing
2 Wipes, Dry
1 Biohazard Sharps Clean-up Kit:
Single Sharps Application, contains:
1 Forceps
1 Gloves, Pair
1 Waste Bag
1 Sharps Container 0.2ltr
1 Sanitizer Spray 8ml
1 Wipe, Cleansing

75cmH x 34.7cmW x 10.5cmD

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